Townsfolk and Convention reflections

With Halloween approaching it's time to start rolling out some appropriate undead sets and potential victims for the otherworldly spirits. This week sees the re-release of the Grave Robbers, Gargoyles & Gravestones, and both Male and Female Tavern Patrons sets. As always, these fine paper miniature sets are available from One Book Shelf - Mayhem in Paper

Work and re-work continues on the main One Monk site, feel free to post observations and requests in this thread at the Cardboard warriors Forum - One Monk site progress

The Halloween Forum Hoard ends tomorrow morning! If you are making something for this Hoard get it posted tonight! Forum Hoard #108

This last weekend I set up a sales booth at the Senshi-Con Anime convention to sell One Monk and Mayhem in Paper models and miniatures. It was great fun but I lost money on the event, but it wasn't a gaming convention and I wasn't selling anything anime related so I'm not really surprised. There was a lot of positive feedback though and the convention as a whole was great fun. I'll be posting a 'What I Learned at Senshi-Con" post later this week when I'm not so tired.



One Monk Dot Com back online!

  For those of you just joining the party One Monk Miniatures has been purchased by Mayhem in Paper. Site re-construction is still under way so I apologize for the broken and incomplete bits. I promise that all of the great content that was there before will return.
  The site will no longer be a store though and all purchases of One Monk Miniatures will be handled by the fine trio of One Book Shelf's online vendors.

For more information pop into the forum at Cardboard Warriors.

Sanity Studios and their great line of products can still be found online;

Goblinoids & Senshi-Con

This week sees the re-release of the Orcs, Goblins, Cave Trolls, and Goblinoid Monsters sets. Everything you need to harass, combat, and consume beginning to mid-level characters. They also function great as small warbands for skirmish gaming.

Only one week left to finish your entries for the Halloween Wars Forum Hoard!
Halloween Wars Forum Hoard
Seriously, get 'em in, it's fun. :)

Next week Mayhem in Paper and One Monk Miniatures will be at Senshi-Con in Anchorage, Alaska. Look for my display in the Artist's Alley section of the Egan Center where pre-printed copies of the entire inventory will be for sale.

October will be Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Madness in the Dystopian Future Wastelands for Forum Hoard #109 at Cardboard Warriors. Didn't finish your Halloween idea? Add a tentacle and a third eye and Bob's your uncle! ;)



Virtual One Monk

One Monk Miniatures will be coming to the 3D Virtual Tabletop. Check out their Kickstarter here;
3D Virtual Tabletop

The Kickstarter is in the final hours so don't miss out!

Dungeon Adventures!

It's Dungeon Adventures time; things that bump, and growl, and eat your party when the guard falls asleep. I apologize for this late weekly update, Blogger has been giving me fits for a few days and was only resolved this morning.

A full release schedule for all of the One Monk Classic series of paper minis is now available here;
One Monk re-release schedule

Halloween Wars Forum Hoard still going on through the month of September, don't miss out!
Halloween Wars


Evil Rising...

Cultists, crazed followers, and otherworldly monsters take the stage this week. Remember, you too can create your own evil paper miniatures with the Halloween Wars Forum Hoard at the Cardboard Warriors forum.
Halloween Wars



Congratulations to the 2013 Papercraft winners!

And that's it for the Papercuts 2013 Showcase, voting is closed!

The winners are (1st & 2nd);
Single Figure: A Fashionable Adventuress by madarchitect, 
and Dwarf Warrior by Reivaj $20

Multi-Figure: Adventurers-Elves by Reivaj 
and Medieval Cannon Crew by madarchitect

Models: Abigor + Grimm by Spaceranger42

Diorama: The Warehouse Near [REDACTED] by dcbradshaw
and Picnic Adventures! by WackyAnne

Best in Show: A Fashionable Adventuress by madarchitect

Congratulations on a great turnout this year folks in both entries and in voting. :)

   September is also the Halloween Wars Forum Hoard so pop in and make a scary mini or two.


And now for something completely different.

This week King Arthur and his knights return to the tabletop to do battle with the forces of...well, they didn't really battle anybody did they? Except a rabbit and that didn't go to well. No rabbits in these sets, unfortunately, but how about some nice bandits and brigands?

To help you make your own knights I'm also making this design kit available;
Knights design parts

Today is also the beginning of the resurrected Forum Hoards with the Halloween Wars Forum Hoard.
Hoard entries will only be accepted for inclusion into the Hoard until the last day of September.