Forum Hoard #180 - Retro Space!

I screwed up and left out Nullpointer's entries!
Race for the galaxy but don't eat the brain coral!
Thank you Shep and Nullpointer. :D

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Tommygun's Toybox, Take 1

Tommygun's Toybox
I've started building a download gallery for the projects of a member who disappeared from the internet years ago; Tommygun. He was very prolific and talented and I would love to continue to share his works with the world. I've started this gallery project to collate and present his work, but I'm missing a number of models and preview pics. I'll be posting a list of what I have and need and if you see more pictures of his work floating around the web, or they've been hiding on your hard-drive, I'd appreciate you sending them my way.
Thanks. :)

Thank you Tommygun, and we miss you.

Here is what is already up;