Roleplayers Without Borders Refugee Charity Bundle 2016

Seven great print and play publishers have come together to offer a bundle deal worth over $110 for only $20! All the funds will go to the CARE organization to aid the Syrian refugees who are immigrating to Canada. Best of all, the Canadian government will be matching the funds donated to CARE so that $20 purchase actually becomes a $40 donation!
Get yours today at RPGNow!

Papercuts 2015 Gallery

All of the photos of the entries for the Papercuts 2015 showcase have been added to the ssite, along with all of the model and miniature submissions. Enjoy!

Forum Horde #131 - People of the sand

Through the heroically patient efforts of Mproteau Forum Horde #131 is finally ready for the world;
Thanks to Alloydog, Bearnart76, Vermin King, and Mproteau for the creation of this Horde. :)

Mayhem in Paper file updates at OBS

Updates and updates...For those of you who purchased sets through One Book Shelf you may have seen batches of update notices going out; Back in December I started updating all of the old files (print and cut) to be compatible with the latest Silhouette Studio3 cutting software. At this point most of the pdf's in the shop have been updated, but the cutting files...have issues. I made most of them years ago using the old CraftRobo software which created GSD format cutting files, which were read nicely by Version 2 of Silhouette Studio software, which is what CratRobo migrated to. Now Silhouette Studio is on version 3, which can still read GSD files, but has some issues when cutting them. In order to clean up this issue I'm making all new Studio3 files for all of the sets. It's going to take a bit of time as I'm also working on finishing new projects.
I will be updating at least one set per day, thank you for your patience and I apologize for any issues you may have run into with the files.

The End! And Forum Horde #136 - The End

2015 and Forum Horde #136 - The End, are done!
This also ends my term as Forum Hoard administrator. Which means there is an opportunity for someone out there to run this part of the Cardboard Warriors operations. Stand up and shout if you want this chair! :D
Right now the chair is vacant and there is no Hoard theme selected for January 2016 so I'll throw out a couple of ideas;
-Lunar Rebellion
-Under the Sea
-Dancing with the Schmucks

Thanks all! :D

Reign of Yule rings in the New Year!

Ring in the new year with Reign of Yule, Forum Hoard #135!
There's a story in this picture, not sure what it is, but to me it looks like Christmas Chaos.
Thanks to all the designers! :D