Who you gonna call?

 Just in time for Halloween fun it's a re-issue of Verminking's Haunted Mansion and Hearse models. For extra fun combine them with a group of paranormal adventurers from Shep.
Hearse & Mansion; http://www.onemonk.com/verminkinglabs.html
Paranormal adventurers; http://www.onemonk.com/shepsplethoraofplaythings.html


Who now recalls Asphodelius?

From the dusty depths of the forum attachments section comes the lost figures of Asphodelius the vanished;
Coyotepunc has provided the Naruda for Star Trek games;
And Verminking has provided a Sandolo and paving tiles for games set in Venice;
More coming in a few days, watch this space!


Uhm...more stuff!


With the arrival of the Bedouin raiders yesterday the French Foreign Legion has arrived! Glorious Battle (CWF member) has assembled mods of mods of mods of Patrick Crusiau and Shadowolf's original works.
Antohammer, who also has a Patreon, is constantly dropping W.I.P. bits at the forum, and various other members have left a variety of interesting pieces scattered through the forum. As I find things, and clean them up, I will continue to upload these compilations. Still lots more to come. :)