Trek it yourself!

The easiest way to get minis from various species in almost all of the Trek eras is to head over to Scarecrow's Trek mini maker. There you can put together whatever mini you like, and then save it by taking a screenshot. With said screenshot, creating a print file is quite easy (just cut out, re-scale, and (once you have a full sheet) print).

To Orion and Beyond!

Orion Slavers, more Andorians, Cadets, Personnel, and The Crew That Might Have Been for ST:Discovery!
Thanks to Shep and Okum for their contributions to the continuum. :)
These Andorians are a gift from Okumarts Patreon
that he has generously allowed me to cross-host.


Where Many Continue To Go!

Vendorians! Rise of the Federation crews! Trek Movie Era crews! The Ladies of Starfleet! And some place for all of them to gather in Shep's Quarters. I don't think I've uploaded the Quarters file before, there's a great deal of Trek stuff to upload and much more to come.
My plan is to work through all of the figure and 28mm scale sets and then set up a new download page; WNMHGB:Starships for all of the little ship models.


In celebration of the new Star Trek:Picard (!) series that launches this evening I've started to tackle the backlog of uploads in this thread, some of which unfortunately have dead links or links to lo-res versions. If you still have a higher quality version of these please PM them to me and I will swap up the downloads. Thanks. :)

House of Battlecars and Flying Daggers

So many Battlecar variants to choose from, and now five more skins that I modded up for the type 1 Battlecar. And if none of those variants appeal to you I've included all three blank versions so you can make your own. And I modded the Battlecar weapons in a more muted color scheme that can be bolted onto the surface of any model instead of inserting them in slots. And I made some flying weapons for fantasy gaming, which I actually did some time ago but forgot to add to the site.
Have fun!
Battlecars #3, Battlecars weapons V2, Battlecar #1 mods, Flying weapons;
Battlecars #1 and #2;
Battlecar blanks;

Cutfiles for Xtea's Horses

Thanks to MProteau of Paper Realms there are now automated cutting files available for the wonderful horse miniatures crafted by Xtea. Thanks Paper Realms!

Paper Realms has a Patreon where he is cranking out cutfiles on a monthly basis for many artists works, be sure to check out his Patreon;

The Procrastinators of 2019

Never timely but eventually present, it's The Procrastinators!
Thanks to Shep, Verminking, and Vongrimm for making a Hoard that required being broken into two downloads.
Enjoy! :D