Armageddon Enemies figure set in progress

The figures are done, and the set is off for test building and photography. These should be in the store in a few days.

I am still in the process of creating the blister pack image previews for the figure sets, so the next couple of days will be taken up with those. Then I'll get the next figure set underway, which are a set of 10 Fantasy Cavern Monsters.

Figure set blister previews

All of the Fantasy adventure figures have previews now. Tomorrow I'll create the Fantasy Armies blister previews. These are all for updating my RPGnow store with the new graphics.

Once all the previews are done the next step is to get all the products at RPGnow updated.

First photos of the 15mm BUG HUNT corridor

Here are some previews of the 15mm scale corridor system I'm developing at work. I didn't set aside enough time to properly get a full set painted up, so it's only going to be a choice selection of parts for the painted preview images. The corridor set will be released later this week, at least the basic set, next week I can do the individual parts. Be sure to check out Jim's Lab for this release.

On the miniatures side of this project, I am really unhappy with the way I painted these figures. I didn't plan out well enough, and don't have enough practice with 15mm figures. The painting looks sloppy, it looks aright in person at arms length, so I may just have to leave them as is. I don't see it worth my while stripping and repainting them at this point, I may just sell them off for the same price as replacing them, if I can.

I have some much better ideas for color schemes now, and may even replicate my Hybrid color schemes. Tomorrow I'll be finishing up the corridor tiles, and a handful of figures for the final promotional photos.

Painting 15mm Bug Hunt figures

I really need to work on my painting skills. These are turning out worse than I had hoped, but I have to have them done in the next couple days. Oh, well, live and learn. I have a bunch of fantasy 15mm figures to paint as well, and will use what I have learned on those. In short, the color/wash/drybrush/highlight method I used to use on 28mm figures just doesn't work as well at this scale. I'm thinking I need to go with a more direct color application, like the three stage foundry method, I'm not sure.

I should note that these are in progress. The human guys have a way to go, and I'm sure the space demons will look better once the bases are finished. The bases are going to be flocked with sand, then colored grey like ash, and some yellow rusty spots. They look better in the smaller pic than the larger one.

This is my current project to finish, and I should be done in two days. Then onto getting my Troll sculpting up to date on the sculpt-along...

Sci-fi Armies are now in the store!

All of the products are now in the store! Now you can buy any of my current range directly from me. Next for the store is to get the new blister style previews done, and get my products loaded into RPGnow.

Next on my To Do list is to finish up the 15mm Bug Hunt figures for my 15mm scale Corridor system I'm developing at work.

Once these are done, then I need to get caught up on the Troll!

Sci-fi Adventure products now LIve!

The Sci-fi Adventure products have now been added to the products section of the site. The individual ranges are pretty thinly filled right now. I wanted to give myself plenty of room to expand with new sets. I have tons of sketches just waiting to be turned into finished sets for these ranges.

On a similar note, the home page has been decked out with more info, a couple news feeds, this blog being one of them, and a slight change to the layout. I think you'll agree that the site is really starting to shape up. I still have a crap ton of work to add new graphics, and update the bases, free models, gallery, etc... lots of stuff!

Fantasy Armies product sections is now live!

The Fantasy Armies section is now ready, now on to the Sci-fi adventure model sets.

Fantasy Adventure store section complete!

Finally, the first store section is complete and live! Feel free to visit the Fantasy Adventure section of my website and see the figure sets available for purchase. The next section is the Fantasy Armies.

New graphics for the figure ranges

Here is a preview of the figure range artwork I have for the website store update. These will the preview images I use mostly at other vendors, but will also make headers for my web store.

All onemonk paper figure sets formatted!

All of my current figure sets are now converted to the new layout! Yay! Now to get them all into my web store, and released at RPGnow.

All of the FANTASY ADVENTURE figure sets are now converted to the GSD compatible layout, and are in single PDF files. Some sets are multiple pages, but are single files, and much easier to keep organized.

Next up are the FANTASY BATTLE sets....

15mm Scale BUG HUNT project started

15mm scale Planetary Militia by: RAFM
15mm scale Power Armor Infantry by RAFM

15mm scale Space Demons from:Khurasan Miniatures

Just getting started with this 15mm scale project. This is part of a BUG HUNT layout I'm doing for work, and will be using them in various photos, as well as gaming with them, and maybe even using them as a travel edition of 'hulk.

More website updates

I've added the shopping cart and product navigation to the website.

I am currently reformatting ALL of the previous figure sets, and shooting new product photos as needed for the site. I'm hoping this will all take about one week or less to be completely converted. Then I can start adding new stuff, and get busy on all my hobby projects.

update: The frame navigation didn't work too well, so I'm forced to use plain old text with links.

More website additions

I've now added a new banner for the Workshop page. Added a banner and more options to the blog. Added google search boxes to a bunch of pages. And finally, made the font BOLD in the menu for easier reading.

The next project is to setup my e-junkie seller account, and start getting the paper miniature sets released on the website.