Papercut Awards 2012

And we're back again for another year! The second annual Papercut Awards has just concluded and we have the results right here in our grubby little hands. But before we tell you who they are, we'd like to thank our judges and all those who voted. Second place winners will get the complete product line of Moss Games and two free sets from Onemonk Miniatures. First Place will receive the second place prize and a free model set of their choice from Mayhem in Paper. And let us not forget the $50 RPGNow gift card for those 1st place winners. Drum roll please...

Second Place Diorama
The Sellswords of Punjar by OldSchoolDM
“Not only was there a large amount of work involved but the attention to detail is very strong.”
-Boffo the Sane

First Place Diorama
Theseus Advances by DCBradshaw
“...the clump of Greeks preparing to enter the maze while the minotaur waits with blades drawn was very evocative.”

Second Place 2D Figure
Angus the Black by Kiladecus
“...ultimately it came down to which ones I would put on my table.”

First Place 2D Figure
Female Cleric by Reivaj
“Good contrast, good proportions, dynamic pose. Really nice figure.”

Second Place Paper Craft Set
Rocket troopers by Dragnoz
“...there's just a really dynamic feel to the lines in the Rocket Troopers that's make them a very active set.”

First Place Paper Craft Set
Orcs of Bellicose by Labrat
“The Orcs of Bellicose are by far the most professional looking set and the one that I would put on my table...”

We'd also like to thank the sponsors this year: Moss Games and Mayhem in Paper. They have great products so please go check them out.