Getting back on track

Things have been pretty crazy for a while, and it's been difficult to get things done and find time to complete more sets in all the mayhem.  But time goes on and we are working hard to get back in the groove. 

As of now we have planned to complete a couple of sets by the end of May.  These sets will include goblin archers, and a dwarf cannon and crew.  Next month will be two more sets of goblins.  Also in the works, is game development for Bellicose Fantasy Battles.  We always seem to be more productive when working on a project like that.  We need lots of photos of paper minis in combat for the full color rulebook we are developing for the new edition.

Crazy thing is, once I got cracking on the goblins, I lost the pen for my pentablet.  So frustrating!  It took me over a week to find the dang thing.  But I finally did find it, and I should be getting the goblin archers done soon.  Crappy part is that all the time I spent looking, I probably could have nearly completed a set. 

Stay tuned.  Good stuff coming along.