Papercuts 2015 Final results!

The winners of the 2015 Papercuts Showcase are as follows;

Single Figure Design;
1st - The Distinguished Captain by bravesirkevin
2nd - Wetwork Commando by cariboucowboy
3rd - High elf Falconeer by aaron

Multi-Figure Design;
1st - Mister Molok's Mystical Multi-Coloured Mirror Maze by bravesirkevin
2nd - Ignoble Team by cariboucowboy
3rd - A Deadly Collection of SCUM AND VILLAINY! by kiladecus

Model Design;
1st - Harbor Hiring Hall by berneart76
2nd - Pipe Organ by eddnic
3rd - Steamlaunch by Squirmydad (yay me!)

Tileset Design;
1st - Cobblestone Streets by mproteau
2nd - Sky Island Tile Set by kiladecus
3rd - Roman Road Tile Set by @cardstock Dane

Papercraft in Action Builds;
1st - Sigil - The Sphinx's Market by oldschooldm
2nd - Battle in the Marsh of Tun by afet
3rd - All Hell Breaks Loose by soaringraven

Kit-Bash Builders;
1st [TIE!] - Partially constructed fortress by afet and Alchemist's Shop by soaringraven
2nd - The Miracle at Igreja com Cruzeiro by oldschooldm

BEST IN SHOW - Harbor Hiring Hall by berneart76

What a HUGE and wonderful turnout this year!
Congratulations all! :D