Fungal denizens Pacific conquest!

Professor Flotson's exploration of the hidden caverns of Luna is being attacked by Shroomanoids! Only the US Navy can save them!
Thanks to Antohammer, Scarecrow, and Death Dragon for the minis;

Also thanks to MProteau of Paperrealms for making cut-files for Jim Hartman's TOA minis;

Meanwhile, in the Splinterwood, ancient Elven forest deities have arisen from their slumber and roused their armies to march! Thanks to Aaron Hopkins;

Compilation #6, and beyond!


In my continuing quest to unearth the buried gems of the Cardboard Warriors I present to you compilation #6 and an assortment of wondrous paper miniatures by Dragnoz, Aaron Hopkins, Hackbarth, Eddnic, Inducpham, Scarecrow and Kimerlin.

The Shepster Tribute Hoard

 2020 ends with a sad but fond farewell to our friend and fellow artist Shep; aka Walter Milani-Muller. Shep was inspiring, energetic, and prolific both in his creations and in praising the works of his fellow artists.
This Forum Hoard is inspired by and dedicated to Shep who has, "Boldly gone before".
Bless you Shep, you are missed.