New IKEA & Shadies Arcade


Ernesto Tramonto strikes again with a revised IKEA build and Shadies Arcade!
Based on original models from Tommygun.

DHL+Laundrette Tommygun mods!

Ernesto Tramonto has offered some mods of various Tommygun buildings, starting with a DHL and a Laundrette.

Fox Army expansion!

Back in 2010, Forum Hoards #60-#68 comprised a fantasy Fox army from Siorrob01, get them here;

Sirrob01 has graciously allowed me to add his Fox army expansion of Clerics, Paladins, and Pteranadon Riders to the site, get them here;

The Last Who (rah)

Here is a Tardis Police Box (two versions) and some doors for a Torchwood base that would very well with Genet Models Guncrawl set. These mark the end of the Whovian pile I had, hopefully more sets will come around someday. Cheers!

Props for Who

 Re-fight the Battle of Canary Wharf with these props from Wayne Peters and Genet vehicle mods from Emergency Override.

Dr Who section opened!


The Whovians section is open for downloading! More to come this week!

Also an enormous collection of figures from Hackbarth and a mod-kit for my Air Raft have been added to the forum member downloads area;

Thanks to Hackbarth, EmergencyOverride, VerminKing, PapercraftWarrior, and Wayne Peters (Scarecrow) for all of their wonderful offerings!


Forgotten, not stirred.


So many things buried in the Cardboard Warriors forum, and some things that I just forgot to upload. For instance; I made an APC hull variant that sits on the Genet Onager January; 
From Adam Souza and Highlandpiper come a set of Mobile Autonomous Drones (M.A.D.).
And there are some flatbed variants for the Genet M11 and GPV patrol vehicle models, M11 and GPV required to complete.

Three Doctors and a horde of Northmen walk into a bar...


From the depths of time and the Cardboard Warriors forum comes Northmen! Doctors! Drones! Props!

Thanks to Uptrainfan89, Ignatious, Christopher Roe, Okumarts, and Creyates for their wonderful creations.


Forum Horde #207 + Kemet Tribal Landing Party

Skeletor and the Dark Moomin are ushering in a new age of darkness! Only the Kemet Tribal landing party can stop them!
Kemet Tribals here;
Forces of Darkness here;
Thanks to Coyotepunc, Alloydog, and Mcoyfan for your miniatures contributions. :)