More Verminking Labs!

Six more kits recovered from Verminking Labs! Recovered because his machine died this year but fortunately much of his work was hiding in the Cardboard warriors forum. Please enjoy. :)

Lost Forum Gems

Sometimes projects get lost in the forum, like this Dwarven Chariot that was a collaboration between Verminking, Permes, Cowboyleland, and Tonsha. It was a project from 2015 that was forgotten and never uploaded, until now. There are tons of little things like this scattered through the years of posts and if they weren't uploaded anywhere else then I will keep adding them to the downloads section.
Also, the VerminKing Labs project has three more entries with his design work on an "Industrial Park Office", a "Small Jettied Building", and his restoration work on the classic "en Villa". Enjoy!
Dwarven Chariot here;

More Verminking Labs!

Six more packets uploaded today, the Guild Hall and White Hart Inn were already there in the form of Forum Horde #146 "Medieval Mayhem", Mr. Verminking just wanted a better picture used for the preview. Enjoy!

Vultures & Noodles

Today I've uploaded a re-skin of Tommygun's "Turkey Vulture" gunship with a desert camo pattern and I'm continuing to expand the collection in Verminking's Labs with the "Universe Noodles Food Truck".

Vermin King Labs

You know him, you love him, you can't frickin' live without him, it's Vermin King! And his lab of many model projects;

Kobolds and Starships

10 months later, it's the January 2019 Forum Horde!
It takes a village to raise an Adventurer and now young Vakka is just setting out on his first adventure guarding the secret underground laboratory of a wizard. Good luck young Vakka!
In this village Toglo and Agla are the Elders, Varbu believes she is a master herbalist but is actually just a really good beer brewer. The other kobolds are un-aspiring laborers who have extensive knowledge of about a 1/2 mile of the surrounding region as they don't travel. The house has metal plates on the roof due to the abundance of Drakes and Fire Salamanders in the region.
Kobold names created by an online Kobold name generator.
Textures from and the Pixar texture library.
Kobolds based on original work by Jim Hartman and modified by Squirmydad.

I have also uploaded my coloring of a previously unreleased starship papermodel from a sadly now deceased designer, Dennis Kauth.
Rubenandres77 at;
A few weeks ago Brian Roe shared some scans in Facebook groups and in his blog.
Those are some pages of paper models designed by Dennis Kauth. Dennis designed the kits back in 1982.
Brian believe this were designed for use in RPGs of the time (Traveller, Star Frontiers) as Dennis worked for TSR at the time.
The pages were given to Brian after designer Dennis Kauth died with the intention of being preserved and shared.
Brian stated in his post that he'd "never seen a finished version of it and would love to have someone take on the project of building it."
So I decided to have a try. This may well be the first time this kits are built in over 37 years by any other than the original designer.
You can get the original scans from his blog:

Forum Horde #181 - Into the Jungle!

Did you know that 75% of the world is covered by jungle? Not this world of course, some other world that's filled with Amazons, crocodile swarms, lizardmen, giant bugs, huge trees, rebellious Gorillas and a jungle buggy to view the all from. All of this and more now available in Forum Horde #181-Into the Jungle!