Batmobiles, an oxen update, and a request!

I've just opened a new page at the site for Blackcat13's creations, but it is lacking in build pictures. Since many of you have time on your hands at present I would appreciate pictures of the models that I can use for download previews. Thanks.
The oxen sets from Verminking and Cowboyleland have been updated!
There's Batmobiles and Jokermobiles from Coyotepunc and Blackcat13!

Demolisher's vs. Oxen!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Don't miss the Fabled Bulls of Colchis vs. the Hybrid Demolisher! :D
I have updated the Hybrid Demolisher by Slick with the two other color schemes;
Uploaded some Alien landscape ground tiles;
Verminking has made two pages worth of Oxen and the fabled Bulls of Colchis;
And Norton Glover has updated the Gotham Heroes+Villains file with cutfies;
Find all this and more at the Cardboard warriors Forum! :D


Slick 3 with bonus!

Nate Augustyn, aka Slick, is still alive and well. He just hasn't produced any new sets in many years. We won't hold that against him though. :) Three of his kits and a mod of one of his others are now available here;


2019 Papercuts Showcase

I have been remiss in neglecting to make a final announcement that the gallery and download section for the 2019 Papercuts Showcase are up, and have been up for some time, sorry. In case you didn't see all of the wonderful entries the first time, here is everything;

Bar Fight!

A jedi, a bard, and a one-legged kobold pirate walk into a bar...
Everybody loves a watering hole and a good brawl, get your Bar Fight here;