The Advancing Hordes

 “The advancing hordes had ridden from the north into the rich uplands to carve out the kingdom of Koth with their iron swords. They had stormed over Kuthchemes like a tidal wave, washing the marble towers in blood, and the northern Stygian kingdom had gone down in fire and ruin.”

Make your own horde with Ken’s Mighty Orc and Mighty Dwarf Armies, Aaron Hopkins’ Amastall Goblins and Grima Toad cavalry, and Toman’s Pumpkinhead Skeletons and Evil Knights recolors mods.
Ken and Toman;
Aaron Hopkins;

I have also added a box cover to each download that goes with the small gamebox template if you are inclined to build personal storage for your units. Find them here; 

Forum Hoard #192 - Gamma World Mutants


Gotta Wasteland problem? For a few domars more Lenny and the Boys will take care of it for you. Find them here;