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The Papercuts 2013 Showcase submissions are in and voting is going on right now! Pick your two favorites in each of the five categories before September 2nd.

Single Figure Submissions

Multi-Figure Submissiosn

Model Submissions
*Spaceranger42 was the only entrant in this category and so won by default. Still a very good piece though, must've scared off the competition. ;)

Diorama Submissiosn

Best in Show

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Mutant Week begins

Hello radiation fans,
 This week all of the post-apocalyptic sets will be returning to One Book Shelf in one big wave of mutant goodness.
 This week will also be judgement time for all of the Papercuts 2013 Showcase entries so be sure to stop in and cast your vote once the polls open on Tuesday, August 27th...morning-ish. Voting will run for one week and there are a number of great entries to choose from this year.

All your mutants are belong to us

Coming next week to a post-apocalyptic dystopian radioactive wasteland near you!

This is also an early warning that the Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoard for the month of October will be all things post-apocalyptical. It seemed odd to have an off month for the Hoards what with September dedicated to Halloween and November dedicated to Christmas.

Final countdown to Papercuts 2013!

Submissions for the Papercuts 2013 Showcase are due monday the 26th by the close of business hours. Tuesday morning I start building the voting polls so late entries will not be accepted.

Don't be this finger.

I've been a bit under the weather this week and is still offline, again I apologize.
If there is a specific download, like bases that you are looking for just email me or comment here or
PM me at the Cardboard Warriors forum and I'll get you fixed up.

The future of is that it will not be a storefront, maybe when I retire and have a lot of time on my hands, but not for the for-seeable future. One Monk Classic products will continue to be re-released at the One Book Shelf vendor co-op. If you purchased a One Monk product previously either through OBS or and want a DL link to the re-release, just contact me with some kind of proof-of-purchase and I'll fix you up.

Remember: finish your entries!
See you monday. :)

Terra Force Retaliation!

The Zeroid Collective of berserk death-dealing machines has taken the Earth, Humanity has fallen. Or has it? This week the fight to retake the birthplace of Humanity and overthrow the Machine overlords begins! Fight them in the cities, fight them in the factories, fight them in orbit, and then fight them in the shattered remains of their invasion fleet as they flee human space.



In other news; the main One site is still offline, but there is progress.

Please stand by...

The main One site is under construction as it changes hands. Please stand by...or sit, it's all good.

Machines Will Rise!

I like doing theme weeks for releases when I can and this week is the re-release week for the Skelebot/Zeroid forces. A longer term project for the Zeroids is a layered pdf re-color of the four sets with more color options. Those recolors will be added to the OBS files once they are complete.

Mayhem in Paper at One Book Shelf



Terra Force Week

I've decided that I'm starting the relaunch/re-release with the Terra Force minis lineup. These are some of my favorite figures and I hope to be providing some support vehicles for them this fall. This week will see the basic troops appearing at One Book Shelf;

Next week the Elites and Veterans will return.

New One Monk, same great flavor

Welcome to the new One Monk Miniatures!

Which looks surprisingly just like the old one, just under new management. My name is Eric Brown and I can be found on the net as Squirmydad, my personal site for toys is here;
Mayhem in Paper

My future plans for the One Monk/Cardboard Warriors empire is to restore the old free downloads, re-release the commercial product line on One Book Shelf, and sponsor various paper-model showcases on the Cardboard Warriors forum. The first has already launched and can be found here;
Papercuts 2013

Once I get things more sorted out I also plan to release some brand new miniatures in the style of One Monk to complete and expand a few of the miniature lines, specifically the sci-fi ones. So stay tuned and thanks for looking. :)

Hello and welcome to the 2013 Papercuts Showcase!

How to play: Make stuff out of paper, take a picture, start a thread in the appropriate part of the Papercuts Showcase boards.

The submission deadline for this year is Monday August 26th, 2013.

There will be four categories for submission:

1) Best Single Figure - The design must be original.
2) Best Multi-figure - A group of figures. All figures must be original design.
3) Best Model kit - terrain, vehicle, building- what have you, a multi-piece kit. Original designs only.
4) Diorama - Can be created from any available figures and terrain.
5) BEST IN SHOW - The one entry that says Papercuts 2013 to you. This category will be assembled from all of the other entries in the other categories.

Prizes will be in the form of gift-certificates to the online papermodel vendor of the winner's choice; choose from such wonderful vendors as One Book Shelf, Fiddlers Green, Ecardmodels, Paizo Publishing and many more!

First and second place in each of the four main categories will receive $35usd and $20usd respectively.
Best in Show will receive a whopping $60usd in electronic prize money!

Submissions will be in the form of photographs of your figure(s). Create a new submission between now and the deadline. Any miniatures or buildings included must be made of paper. Ground and other surrounding may be made of any other available materials.

Judging will be determined 100% by forum member voting. 

Photography is a factor due to the fact that if we can't see it well, it will affect the scoring.

Rules of entry subject to change. Check back periodically for updates. Have fun with creating your submissions, and Good Luck!

No really, have fun.  :D