Front page updates

I have several new updates for the front page, and many tweaks to the layout. I hope all of you enjoy the revised layout. I am trying to include as much relevant info pertinent to print and play gaming. If there is something I'm missing, just let me know and I'll review it and maybe add it as well.

Arion Games, leader among the rendered figure publishers.

Irregular Magazine, a free quarterly miniatures and wargame magazine.

Print & Play Podcast, the original print and play audio reviews and news podcast

Print and Play Guild at BGG, the core group for print and play card and board games.

I have more of these updates and additions, but need to spread them out a bit so I can spend time designing figures...

Skeleton Soldiers uploaded

The Skeleton Soldiers figure set has been added to the Fantasy Adventure: Undead page. The set features 10 figures, including 2 Wights and a Reaper! These are great to add to your collection of undead.

Also be sure to check the forums. I am working on a new set of multi-part Wraiths, 9 total. For some reason everyone whats 9 Wraiths, go figure...

Labyrinth style doors uploaded

I have some LABYRINTH Movie style doors in the Dungeon Tiles model range.
These should provide some fun encounters for your players where you can have the door knockers be alive and troublesome.

Development of the website continues. I am slowly getting all the sections organized, and things will probably change and move around a bit until I settle on a easy to update ,and easy to navigate layout.

I have many more never released or very old designs to be uploaded, and will try to get something added every day.

28 new HOARD files uploaded!

I have updated the 2010 Forum HOARD page with the latest entries, 28 new sets of figures and models! This features a full army by Sirrob01, the Fox Army.

Along with this there are many recolors, and modded wolf riders of note, be sure to download them all.

I am slowly but surely getting all the old HOARD and Onemonk figures organized into their respective folders. Then I can get to work on the other parts of the website, like tutorials and the gallery.

High Elf Tower and Spartan Minotaurs added to Elf Alliance section

The High Elf tower model ,and Spartan Minotaur figure set have been moved, and added to the Elf Alliance Army section of the website. The tower is old, but the Minotaurs are new, designed by me, and assembled, compiled and PDF'd by squirmydad. He even created a GSD cut file too!

Jabbro has sent me all the March HOARD entries, and boy are there a ton of them. I'm taking this opportunity to organize the HOARD files sections so they resemble my current figure download and preview layout. I'll get the new stuff added first, since it's desired right away, then work on adding the older stuff in this new format.

I'll also be looking to upgrade the menu bar and side categories with dynamic menu's. This should help bring the page heights down to a reasonable level with expandable menu sections for each category, and the main menu will be a drop down version with direct links to every page in the site. This will take some time, my php and java skillz leave a lot to be desired, and I am hacking the crap out of iWeb to do this, and that takes real code-fu.

GunCrawl figure page created!

I now have a page dedicated to all of the figures for Mel Ebbles GunCrawl Game. An original set of recolors by Mel himself, and some upgraded sets from Floydski as well, all available in one place...finally.

You will also notice that I am messing with the website layout and graphic again. I quite like messing around with the website, and am having fun doing it. I want to get it into shape for adding new stuff, and integrate all the previous figure sets into proper categories.

I'll just be doing a little at a time,  and announcing here as I get stuff finished, which hopefully should be often now. I am trying to set aside two hours a night for the paper modeling stuff.