More Sets Available!

Loads of new model sets are now available! You won't be disappointed. Several new Undead, and Dread Legion sets are now up. Many people have been asking for these. The Armies of Men boast new Foot Soldier and Militia sets, carried over from the Sanity Studios site. Mutants continue to mutate, and the Terra Force is mounting a strong counter-offense on the Chimera Brood invasion.

One exciting new development, is that with the release of the Terra Force, they now come with the modded coloring, done by Sirrob01 of the Cardboard-Warriors forum, at no additional cost. Many thanks to him for his efforts with that. He wanted to share his work with others, and this is a great way to get your hands on his amazing work, which adds variety on a new scale.

Still craving more? Well, keep checking in. There are many more new amazing sets yet to come. The next new release you can look forward to is a great new set of orcs, for all your role playing, or table top warfare needs.