Adventure Skirmish rules wip2

Wounded status; It looked good on paper, but not made out of paper. Instead of flipping the character's card when they reach 0 health it's easier to clear any other status markers off the card and place a "Wounded (-2)" marker on the card. 
I've been looking through the old Metagaming TFT rule-books, mainly looking for examples of what not not to do; Lists of Talents with no explanation or the explanations scattered throughout the books. Weapons with incomprehensible names and no description so you have to guess what it is from the weapons statistics. I'll try to keep things clean and concise.
There are traits for specialist skills and traits for weapons. Anybody can pick up a weapon and use it. But if a character has a Trait for it then they are skilled in it's use and get a +1 bonus that they can use for either To Hit or Damage rolls.
There is, however, a penalty for trying to use Alien weaponry.
The revised cards;