Spartan Minotaurs at One Book Shelf

Extra heavy infantry for your Elven Alliance army, and, best of all, free! :D
I know it's not a new product, but there's a lot of folks out there who don't know about this forum, or even, so I'm sending these brutes out into the wild to help spread the word.
Spartan Minotaurs

As a reminder, the Minotaur parts kit is a free download at the Tutorials page; Tutorials

Hordes of Hoards

Forum Horde #112 - Accessories! is now up -
Find them here;

Also, Forum Hoard #113 - Lost Time, is up-
Lost Time
I'm trying to get all of my little projects out of the way as I am going on vacation next week. Yes, a vacation! It's been four and a half years since I've been able to up and go and play in the sun and nor have to worry about freezing my fingers and toes off while starting the car. We leave next week on a Disney cruise and I'll be seeing Mayan ruins in Cozumel. :) Ciao!

Catching up and Hoarding

The November Hoard is up! Yes, I know it's February, here's the link;
Forum Hoard #111
A small Hoard, just two entries. However, there is another Hoard going on right now over here; Cinema Heroes & Villains and everyone is welcome to participate. :)

  I always forget how busy life is through December and January; lots of big work events, holiday parties of every stripe, family functions, couple days of rest, then more big work events in January. My day job is as an Auditorium Technician for the school district so I am constantly on the bounce setting up lights and sound for concerts, pageants, theatrical productions, and all kinds of what-not. And every year I forget how busy this time period is, and my projects lag due to work fatigue. I'm feeling better now and getting all of my projects back on track, like the Hoards above. I jumped back into the "Dryw's Gallery of Imperfect Downloads" and, thanks in huge part to the Cardboard Warriors community*, most of it is up. Check it out here; Dryw Gallery
 And if you have a pic of one of the sets that's currently blank, drop me a line and I'll see about getting your pic on the page. :)

*Thanks go out to Afet, MProteau, OldSchoolDM, and, of course, Dryw the Harper for his generosity in sharing his creativity with the papermodel gaming community.