Chimera Hybrids and Thanksgiving

Here in the U.S. my family celebrates Thanksgiving by eating turkey and pie. The Chimera Hybrids have a similar tradition in that every day they try to eat everything they can see and they are very thankful for every planet they devour. This week the rest of the Hybrids are re-released and next week the Elven Alliance will take the stage. But best of all, in two weeks from today, the Chimera Hybrids will get the first of their brand new over-sized reinforcements. (!)
Stay tuned. :D

*Keep in mind that the weapons set is an add-on set for any of the other sets.

Alien Invasion week: Precursors Vs. Chimera Hybrids!

The Dread Legion has marched on by and this week we return to cosmic conflicts with the blood-soaked child warriors of a vanished, ancient cosmic race battling an ever-mutating ravenous horde. The Chimera Hybrids adapt, assimilate, and devour all lifeforms they encounter. The Precursor Warlords are the homicidal child-warriors left behind when their ancient parent race ascended into cosmic godhood. Later this winter you'll be seeing reinforcements for both of these races.

In site news I'm working on a new section for the Imperfect Creations of Dryw the Harper;
Not much to see there right now, but in the near future the thousands of sets (okay, it's more like eighty) he's created will be up as free downloads. The biggest roadblock to getting this page, besides my free time to work on it, is photos of all of the sets. If you have photos of Imperfect sets that are 800x600 in size (or can be successfully cropped thereto) then do please send me a link.

Forum Hoards 109 + 110 uploaded

The October 2013 Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoards, "Mutant Menace" and "Halloween Wars 2", are both up in the Forum Hoards 2013 section at One Monk dot com
Thanks to everyone who came out to play and a special thanks to mproteau and sirrob01 for their assistance with assembling layouts and cut-files.

Send me your banner!

If you have a papercraft related blog or site and want to have a banner on the Cardboard warriors forum, send it on over! The image needs to be 1000x190px and, be papercraft hobby related, and have the words, "Cardboard Warriors" and "The papercraft miniatures wargaming forum" prominently placed on it. Ideally I'd like the banner submissions to be photos of paper models and minis but I will accept other submissions of nifty looking logos. Pop on over to the forum and have a gander for examples;

This week marks the last of the Undead Army re-releases at One Book Shelf with the cavalry arriving;

Dread Legion bundle pack #2 is already out

Thursday? Wow, this week got away from me.
 I've been spending a lot of time recently assembling the promo pics for all of the bundle deals that I've been offering, the plain brown wrapper icon at OBS is quite uninformative. I also went through every download file at OBS and made sure that nothing is watermarked or password protected so that people can work with the pdfs that they purchase as they see fit. That took a fair while, but now I know what not to check/uncheck moving forward.

 Next week will be the last of the Dread Legion forces - the cavalry, and then I'll be switching back to the sci-fi elements for a bit. I enjoy updating the site and making announcements about the re-releases every day, but it is a bit time consuming and I'm looking forward to all of the old releases being back up so my time can be more focused on finishing new works, which will be in December.

 Speaking of December, the Christmas Wars Forum Hoard has started, been pretty quiet so far...and the Mutant Menace Hoard will be up on the site for perusal and download by monday at the latest.
Christmas Wars

Oh, and buy some more toys! One Book Shelf
Here's the latest bundle packs of this weeks and last weeks releases;