Soaringraven takes Best in Show for the 2016 Papercuts Showcase!

Congratulations to Soaringraven for being the 2016 Papercuts Best in Show winner! Soaringraven actually had two entries that won their categories and moved up to the Best in Show voting, but it was the Tournament set that claimed the grand prize! Thanks again to everyone who participated and stay tuned for the 2017 Papercuts Showcase, you might want to start designing and building your entries now to prepare. :D

2016 Papercuts Finalists and Best in Show!

Best in Show voting

The 2016 Papercuts Finalists are in!

Best Single Figure Design; Ancient Red Dragon - by Printableheroes
2nd place; Eternal Minotaur - by 8rad

Best Multi-Figure Design; Wytch Elves - by Aaron
2nd place; Jungle Fighters - by Brave Adventures

Best Model design; The Tournament - by Soaringraven
2nd place; More Stones! - by Squirmydad
3rd place; Hang Gliding Sherlock Holmes - by Cowboyleland

Best Tileset of 2016; Tile Set 2 - City Streets Preview - by Mproteau
2nd place; The Tournament Grounds Tile Set - by Soaringraven

Best Papercraft in Action build; Good things... - by Soaringraven
2nd place; A Tragedy of the Commons: The Six Towers - by OldschoolDM

Best Kit-Bashers in Action build; Mos Eisley Cantina - by Vermin King
2nd place; Black Stag Tavern - by Soaringraven

Thanks all for playing and voting! The first place winners of each category will now go on to the “Best in Show!” category for final voting.

Remember; everyone who entered now has $6 store credit waiting for them at so be sure to register at their online store to pick up some of their paper miniature goodness!

A small personal note; I like entering the Papercuts competition, but as the Showcase manager I’m not really supposed to win. So I am conceding my 2nd place win in the Models category to Cowboyleland and his Hang-Gliding Sherlock Holmes entry!

Be sure to vote for Best in Show!
 Best in Show voting

Forum Horde #143 - VSF & Steampunk

Horde #143, VSF & Steampunk, is up and ready to steam out!
Thanks to Mproteau, Vermin King, and Mesper for their contributions to their creations and contributions to this months offering.