Taking a sick break

Just letting everyone know I'm taking a little break while I try to get healthy from a persistent heart problem I have. I have loads I want to do, new features to get uploaded, more products designed and tons of other print and play projects. I'll be back to creating stuff once I feel better and have these problems under control.

Terra Force: Urban Ops Veterans released!

Recolors of the Terra Force veterans by squirmydad (Eric). You can get the set now on the Terra Force product page for $1.00
More recolors coming, and more Terra Force sets, like the Transport Vehicle,and Assault Transport, along with a fresh set of designs for a new Skirmish Force.

Tavern patrons are released!

I finally got these guys released.
30 figures for fleshing out your roleplaying or skirmish adventure games in fantasy cities. More sets are in the works, and more releases coming real soon, next up is a recolor set of Urban Ops Veterns, and the whole Forum HOARD releases from Dec-Jan HOARDS!