Ratkins invade onemonk.com!

Aaron Hopkins of Pigmi Games has been plugging away crafting an army of Ratkins! The first two sets have been assembled and uploaded by Nikloveland and are available in the Guest Artist section.

High Elf aerial cavalry added

Aaron Hopkins has been busy modding and creating new content for the High Elves and his Great Eagle cavalry is now up; http://onemonk.com/elven_alliance.html

You can find more of Aaron's work at Pigmi Games; Pigmi Games

Swahbucklers and Musketeers Horde is up!

The Swashbucklers and Musketeers Horde is up ! Featuring works by Permes, Madmanmike, Bearnart76, Squirmydad, and Cariboucowboy!

Forum Hoard #129-Clockpunk is up!

Finally getting caught up, this was the May showcase and had a single entry from Cariboucowboy of a 2.5D Brass Dragon Golem model.
The Swashbucklers will be up soon and the July showcase is called "People of the Sand" and is currently awaiting entries.