Silk Road Elves & Gladiators

More old creations from retired papermini artists, anyone remember Geocities or Yahoo Groups? Ragnar Shadowolf made these Gladiators in the style of Gwindel and although they are only single-sided with mirrored backs I thought they were definitely worth preserving. The Silk Road Elves are the last of the Wildagreenbough/Anne Welborn collection that I know of. These are hand-drawn and colored and were crafted in 2002-2003. They are also single-sided with mirrored backs.

Ratkins, Armored Cars, and Royal Mail Coaches!

Thanks to Gilius, Anne Welborn, and Verminking for leaving their toys laying around the forum so that I can upload them for everyone. Gilius's Ratkins also come with his GIMP working file and pair nicely with the Ratkins in the House Of Hopkins section.

A Royal Mail Coach from Verminking, and you can never have too many coaches.
Anne Welborn/Wildagreenbough made her VSF models in 2002 and are mostly hand-drawn and scanned creations that will take some extra fiddling to assemble. Unfortunately I only have the one Armored Car picture and I would appreciate build pics of the rest. These models are a big part of what inspired me to start designing and building my own papermodel VSF creations.

Snow Sharks, Mounties, and Kayaks!

Three things that come to mind, for me at least, when I think about the Great White North, and by lucky chance that is exactly what is in the Cardboard Warriors Forum Horde #182! Mesper has also gifted this Horde with an additional empty kayak.

Seven with one upload!

What's better than six uploads? Why, seven uploads of course! I think I've caught up with Verminking and here's Bob's Beetle;
I've also been spelunking through the forum to recover old projects and today I present "Gunbelts & Garters" and "1:1 Scale fairies" from Ghostgirl, "Space Heroes Crew" from Spacejacker, "Infinity Force", "Mousling Adventures", "Way Out West Sword Swingers & Gun Slingers" from SirHelnor.
Have fun!