Airborne Hopkins

 The aerial elements have been added to the House of Hopkins; Dragons, Harpies, a Griffin, and some swampy trees for them to roost in or set fire to.



To save Christmas, or destroy it?


Mufasa and the nerdy kid from a galaxy far, far away have come to save Christmas from the evil nerdy kid from a galaxy far, far away! Replay this epic conflict with the Cardboard Warriors Forum Compilation #5. Thanks to Cowboyleland, JJavier, Antohammer, Aaron Hopkins, Hackbarth, and Himemiya for their random contributions over the past decade. Find them here;'s a tiny tabletop frontier.


The fleets continue to grow with ships from Coyotepunc, Hackbarth, and Bortorama. Coyotepunc's Mastaba ships are from Stargate but there's nothing wrong with having more space ships.
The Mastabas are here;

Jeffgeorge Forum Compilation


The evil Brush Fairy and her Doom Chickens are threatening the kingdom! Only the Celtic Immortal and his faithful Pig companion can stop her!
Thanks to JeffGeorge for rounding up all of these lost treasures of the Cardboard Warriors Forum. :) Also thanks to 8rad, Jackmatt, A.Short, Scruff, JJensen, and Anitangel for their wonderful works. Find them here;


Cardboard Warriors Forum Compilation #3

The Dark King is leading his army of Sectoids to world domination! Only the Bullywug Shaman and the Dwarf Luchadores can stop him! Recreate this epic conflict with the Cardboard Warriors Forum Compilation #3 with works by Coyotepunc, MrTexxan, Hackbarth, Cowboyleland, and Reivaj.  


More Trek Ships!


More tiny starships for Star Trek (why didn't they just call it Planet Trek?) by Hackbarth and Okum, enjoy!

Boldly gone, but never forgotten.


It's Shep memorium month at the Cardboard Warriors forum and I'm nearing the end of the prodigious output of kits that Walter Milani-Muller (Shep) gifted us with. Find them all here; 


Forum Hoard #193; About The Castle: 2020


Forum Hoard #193; "About The Castle:2020" This Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoard marks the first in a yearly tradition of making figures and models that you would encounter in or around a castle. This year brings us figure offerings from Antohammer and Permes with a small ruined tower model me, your host, Squirmydad. Enjoy!