Papercut Awards

Introducing the first annual Papercut Awards!

The submission deadline for this year is July 31, 2011.

There will be three categories for submission:

1) Diorama - Can be created from any available figures and terrain.
2) Best Single Figure - The design must be original
3) Best Multi-figure - A group of figures, regiment, or multi-piece assembly. All figures must be original design.

Submissions will be in the form of photographs of your figure(s). For this first contest any figure done from anytime in the past is acceptable, or you may create a new submission between now and the deadline. In years to come only figures created in the time between the previous contest and the new one will be accepted. Submission will also be subject to all Hoard submission guidelines. Any miniatures or buildings included must be made of paper. Ground and other surrounding may be made of any other available materials.

Judging will be determined 50% by forum member voting, and 50% by a panel of judges (TBA). Judging criteria will include many factors, primarily Design, Modelling Execution, and Photography. Photography is only a factor due to the fact that if we can't see it well, it will affect the scoring.

Winners will receive fabulous prizes worth up to dollars (TBA).

Rules of entry subject to change. Check back periodically for updates. Have fun with creating your submissions, and Good Luck!