Female Tavern Patrons done

The Female Tavern Patrons are now finished, and off for test building and photo samples. next up are the Tavern Characters...

Male Tavern Patrons finished

The first set in the new range of villages in done. I was able to fit 15! figures on the page. Next up is the Female patrons ,which will be another 15 figures. This is looking to be a large release.
All of the new sets will be released on March 1st. And will kick off my new monthly release schedule. At the beginning of each month, I'll release all of the sets I designed the previous month. I am doing this for several reasons, less stressful to release, more to promote at one time and more sales in a combined release.

Once I get a few of these villager sets out, I'll get some other sets, like more Apocalyptic sets, Fantasy Army sets, More sci-fi and aliens released. I really do hope to get back into the swing of things and get a ton released in the coming months.

GSD files complete!

All of the current figure sets now have GSD files for your Automated cutters. From now on each set will now be released with a GSD file.

All of the Sci-fi adventure figure sets have been added to the RPGnow store. Some are not active just yet, so they won't apear on the front page of their site. I don't want these to appear as new releases. I'll activate them after a week or so.
Next up on the TO DO list is to add all the Sci-Fi Army sets to RPGnow. 

The next sets to be finished up are the Villager sets. I'm working on several sets at the moment, and will post a preview as soon as coloring is well underway.

GSD files updated!

90% of the figure sets available now have GSD file buttons. Just click the buttons to download the .zip folder with the GSD cutter files for use with your Silhouette and cmpatible robo-cutters.

The files will be updated on a regular basis for all the sets without files, and as new sets are added. You can find the buttons under the sets in the Products section of the One Monk Miniatures website.

Cavern Monsters released!

The Cavern Monsters are now available for purchase.
Set of 6 monsters for use with any fantasy game. Includes: Purple Eater, Hook Beast, Rat Hound, Eye Tyrant, Stone Guardian and Brain Eater.

Armegeddon Enemies released!

Armageddon Enemies figure set now available to buy now. Set of nine apocalyptic mutants, zombies, robot and creatures.

Blister pack style previews FINISHED!

All of the images for the other vendors are now finished! Now, before I start updating my product files, I want to do a couple figure sets. This is an addition to the finished Armageddon figures.  One set is a set of Cavern Monsters, and the other is the first set for the Necrovore/Dread Legion army. Then once those sets are done and off for test building I'll update RPGnow.

Sci-fi Adventure preview blisters finished

Slowly but surely I am getting these graphics done for the RPGnow relaunch. All that's left is the Sci-fi Armies and I can start organizing the figure set page code for the store.

I'm glad most of you guys are liking the $1 set pricing. I really do think this will attract more gamers to the paper miniatures and terrain hobby.

Fantasy Army blister previews finished

The blister preview images for the Fantasy Army figure sets are done. Tomorrow I'll finish the Sci-fi Adventure. The goal is to have everything ready for release at RPGnow this weekend.

Along with this relaunch into RPGnow, I'll be resetting prices for ALL my figures sets to $1 per set permanently. I have found that from my blowout sale at the end of the year ,and this last webs store promotion, that EVERYONE like the $1 price. I have made more money selling at the $1 price than with the higher prices! I think this price will make buying the sets a great value, and make it easy to attract more people into my style of figures.

With this new price in mind, I may hold off on some releases until I have a few sets to release at the same time. The fees applied to $1 sales is huge, and if I can get slightly larger purchase sizes like $4+, then the fees balance out.

This nice low price should also make it easier for me to establish myself in other vendors as well. I will be looking for ways to shorten the time it takes me to design a set of figures without sacrificing the quality and detail of the figures. I really want to design a bunch of figure sets ,if only so I can complete some ranges and move on to even more and cooler figure series and armies.

Basic figure Cutting & Edging tutorial in progress

I thought while I was cutting and finishing the latest figure set, I'd make a rough Cutting and Edging guide. I shot photos at each stage of the process, and will explain my cutting method when I create the tutorial PDF. This will have to do until I can get a nice camera and overhead mount for doing hands on tutorial movies.