Congratulations 2021 Papercuts Showcase winners!


Congratulations to the 2021 Papercuts Showcase winners!

Single Figure
1st - Antohammer - Mermaid
2nd - Brave Adventures (Neil Que) - Kitsune

1st - Creyates-Mounted Houseguard
2nd - Okumarts-Heroic Mice
3rd - Antohammer-dark space warriors
*since there were so many entries for this category I added a 3rd prize

1st - ForestB-City Smithy
2nd - Squirmydad-DaVinci tank

1st - Paper Golems-Tavern
2nd - Greypilgrim-Kilimanjaro Freighter

Papercraft in Action
1st - ForestB-Inn of the Welcome Wench
2nd - Gothique-Joining the Carnevale

1st - VerminKing-Gondola and Sandola Family
2nd - Okumarts-Mutant Frog Kitbash

Best in Show
ForestB - Inn of the Welcome Wench

I'll be pm'ing all of you tonight for your email address that you use at One Book Shelf so I can get you gift certificates for your prize winnings. Or, if you prefer, your Paypal address.

Additionally Lightning, the publisher known as Papierschnitzel, is providing a coupon for the winners of the Kit-Bash and Papercraft in Action categories!

Thanks again to all who came out to play. :)

Papercuts 2021 - Best of Show- Vote!


Papercuts 2021 Category voting is over! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered. :D
Now it's time to pick the Best of Show entry, go here;
Polls are open until Monday, September 6th, 12noon (Ak time).