Fab Fourever!


Help the Fab 4 and the Bengal Lancers defeat an army of Buccaneers and Gnolls at the Evil Shack! Thanks to Aaron Hopkins, Jay Javier, Spaceranger42, Taltali, and Chanman2001 for their contributions to the Cardboard Warriors Forum!

West World!


I was digging through old hard-drives and old forum threads looking for misplaced downloads and I started to wonder just how many Western-themed downloads I had for the site. Turned out to be a fair few, so I consolidated them in a new West World download section. Enjoy!


Papercuts 2020 Gallery is live!


You can view all of the fabulous entries for this year's Papercuts Showcase here; 
And then download the designs and a kit-bash entry here; http://www.onemonk.com/pc2020-dl.html
Thanks again to all of the people who entered, commented, voted, advertised, and sponsored the Cardboard Warriors Forum Papercuts 2020 Showcase!


Forum Hoard #191 - Monsters & Monster Hunters

 It's a Ghoul's night out with these monsters and monster hunters from Antohammer, Cowboyleland, and Verminking - http://www.onemonk.com/fh-2020.html


Forum Hoard #190 - Deep Space & Hard Vacuum


When spider-aliens attack only your Moon Buggy can save the day! Thanks to Cowboyleland, Punkrabbit, and Verminking of the Cardboard Warriors Forum!

Forum Hoarde #189 - Fantasy Pets & Familiars


Space pirate kitties, loyal hounds, giant geckos and ride rats have arrived for your building and gaming pleasure! Actually they arrived in June and I'm playing catch-up. Thanks to Verminking, Alloydog, and Cowboyleland from the Cardboard Warriors Forum. :)