Trash Mob Minis

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
  Today I will be starting an intermittent feature where I will be presenting and promoting the works of new publishers to the paper model and miniature world. I thought I would start this feature with the fine works of Chiefasaur and Trash Mob Minis! Chiefasaur is a member of the Cardboard Warriors forum and has so far produced four sets of very distinctive and original miniatures. You can check out their previews here;

You can follow his progress and make suggestions in the forum threads here;

And you can follow Trash Mob Minis on Twitter: @trashmobminis

Here are some of his work-in-progress shots, it's definitely worth checking out the whole line of his creations.

Have fun!

488 Views on July 23rd!

Wow! What was so special about last Saturday? I am impressed, thankful, and confused by the number as it is about 5x the number of subscribers that this blog has. I realize that I mainly use this blog as a bullhorn for announcements of events and releases from my shop and the Cardboard Warriors forum, I suppose I could also use it to promote other publishers or use it as a development blog with project teasers. What should be in this blog? I rarely get any comments on this blog, so the first person to reply to this gets a free set of their choice from Mayhem in Paper. :D

Terra Force: Special Weapons Troops updated!

The Terra Force: Special Weapons Troops has been updated and expanded with three more color options and a new cutting file optimized for the current version of Silhouette Studio. Available at both Brave Adventures and One Book Shelf!
Brave Adventures
One Book Shelf

Terra Force Special Weapons expanding soon

Next up in the "soon to be expanded" queue is the Terra Force: Special Weapons troops -