Ebbles, TOPO, and Pacetti Cyber Mages

More from the lost era of Ebbles miniatures; a modified Jackrabbit buggy and TOPO's UCM infantry. Bonus codger points if you know what UCM stands for. :) Also, David Dewitt is sharing his Cyber Mages set that he commissioned from the fabulous Sarah Pacetti with cut-files from Paper Realms. Get them here;

Paper Realms has made hundreds of cut-files for all manner of sets check them out here;

Greek Galleys and Terra Force mods galore!

It's Greek Galleys and Terra Force mods galore!
Thanks to Floydski, Vodswyld, Dragonwing, Topo, and Hackbarth for the Terra Force mods. Shadowolf made an impressive Greek Galley for the MMIP Fantasy Naval which was then enlarged and added on to by Cowboyleland and Afet with cut-files from OldschoolDM.
Get them all here;

Amazons of the Forbidden Planet vs the Starfleet zombies

The crew of Forbidden Planet must protect the alien civilians from the Starfleet zombies!
And The Motion Picture crew stands ready to assist.
And some Amazons mods by Coyotepunc. :)


Papercuts 2020 Announcement

Welcome to the 2020 Cardboard Warrior Forum Papercuts Showcase Competition!

How to play: Make stuff out of paper, start a thread in the appropriate part of the Papercuts Showcase boards.
Please note that these threads are not intended to be development or work in progress threads, final submissions only in the Papercuts section.
Feel free to create a development or work in progress thread elsewhere so people can follow along with your creation process.

Post your picture and a download (if a design entry) of the model or miniature.

There is NO MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PICTURES FOR ENTRIES. Instead there is a minimum of one, that I'm calling your "A" picture that will be used in the final voting threads. After you post your "A" picture post as many pictures from as many different angles as you like. Real pictures, not renders, only please.

If you are posting figures or a tile-set Design entry then the free upload itself counts as your one picture. You can still submit more pictures of your Designs though if you choose to.

Entries submitted in previous Papercuts are not acceptable.

Forum Hoard submissions that have not been entered into a previous Papercuts competition are acceptable.

Items that have been previously released as a commercial item are eligible as a design submission, free download is required.

The categories for submissions will go live August 1st and the submission deadline for this year is August 31st, 2020.

There will be six categories for submission:

1) Best Single Figure - The design must be original*. One picture minimum to show off your work (or just the upload of the figure), download required.

2) Best Multi-figure - A group of figures. All figures must be original design*. One picture minimum to show off your work (or just the upload of the figures), download required.

3) Best Model kit - 3D terrain, vehicle, building- what have you, a multi-piece kit. Original designs only*. One picture minimum to show off your work, download required.

4) Best Tile-set - Flat, two-dimensional maps with grids or no grids of any size or quantity. Original designs only*. One picture minimum to show off your work (or just the upload of the tile-set), download required.

5) Papercraft in Action - A diorama** scenic category. Models and miniatures can be from any published or original source. Papercraft must feature prominently in this categories entries, but can also feature elements from other mediums; metal or resin minis and models for example. One picture minimum to show off your work, no download required.

6) Hot Rod and Kit-bashers - A papercraft diorama** scenic category, but with a personal twist. This category is to highlight how you improved, modified, or mangled someone’s work. There are many examples in this forum of users modifying a designers work. One picture minimum to show off your work, no download required.

7) BEST IN SHOW - The one entry that says Papercuts 2020 to you. This category will be assembled from the winning entries in the other categories.

One entry per participant per category.

Bear in mind that once they are uploaded here I will be gathering the submissions and creating a downloads gallery at onemonk.com just like I do for the Hoard submissions. So putting up an entry for a limited time download just to be an entry then removing the download post-showcase would not be acceptable.

*Original design; Re-skinning someone else's model with original textures doesn't work, that belongs in the kit-bashers category. You can pull textures and modify them for use from sites like www.cgtextures.com/ as long as you give credit; "Some textures in this model were used with permission from www.cgtextures.com/"
Peeling somebody else's texture work off of a finished model also wouldn't count as original work.

** The emphasis of the diorama categories should be on how well you built your pieces and presented them.

Be sure to include information on your model and miniature sources. For example; "Miniatures by Okumarts and Squirmydad", "models by Squirmydad and Worldworks Games", "ground tiles by Fat Dragon Games". No download required and the diorama does not have to be made up of pieces that you personally designed.

Prizes will be in the form of gift-certificates to One Book Shelf which you can cash out or use to buy more products. If that is unacceptable then I can just Paypal the funds to you.

The prize amounts are as follows;

Single Figure Design
1st $20.00
2nd $10.00

Multi-Figure Design
1st $50.00
2nd $30.00

Model Design
1st $30.00
2nd $20.00

Tileset Design
1st $30.00
2nd $20.00

Papercraft in Action Builders
1st $20.00
2nd $10.00

Kit-Bash Builders
1st $20.00
2nd $10.00

Best in Show: $40.00

Design submissions will be in the form of uploads and photographs of your figures, models, and tile-sets (or just the upload of the figures or tiles) as well as a free download of the entry. Create a new submission in the appropriate forum category between now and the deadline; 08/31/2020.

Builder submissions will be in the form of photographs of your figures and models, no download required. I recommend services such as Dropbox for a download and for the image hosting. Create a new submission in the appropriate forum category between now and the deadline; 08/31/2020.

Judging will be determined 100% by forum member voting. Forum members must be of at least Initiate level, or member of the Illuminated Scribe or Publisher groups to be eligible to vote.

Photography is a factor due to the fact that if we can't see it well, it will affect the scoring. Modifying the presentation image for lighting and sharpness is acceptable, just don't add embellishments to the presentation picture that are not present in the finished model or miniature. Likewise make sure it is easy to download your model or miniature design submission.

Rules of entry subject to change, but probably not. Check back periodically for updates! Have fun with creating your submissions, and Good Luck!

Here are the entries from previous year's Papercuts Showcases; http://www.onemonk.com/papercuts_landing.html