A New Era for One Monk Miniatures

It is with mixed emotion that we would like to announce a change in ownership of One Monk Miniatures.  We have been in talks with Eric Brown (aka Squirmydad) who has offered to purchase One Monk from Sanity Studios.  We cannot think of a better person to turn One Monk over to.  Squirmydad has been around since before the founding of Onemonk Miniatures, and has had close ties with Jim since the early days. He has remained active as a modeler, designer, and forum member all the while.  Not to mention a great friend and helper to Nik and I.

Nik and I have thoroughly ejoyed being a part of what Jim started in One Monk, and the cardboard warriors forum.  However, as time has gone on, we have not been able to maintain a level of productivity and activity that we feel the company and forum community deserve, and for this reason we feel it appropriate to turn over ownership.

We will retain ownership of Sanity Studios and the assets and creations of Sanity Studios, while the orginal One Monk assets, website, and cardboard warriors forum will be taken over by Eric.  Details are still being finalized, and the switchover is still in process.

We hope to continue doing things at our own slow pace, and be involved in our own way, so we won't be disappearing.  Well... not anymore than usual anyways.

Sanity Studios
Aaron Bradbury - Art Guy
Nik Loveland - Computer Guy