FH186-Cyberpunk Forces

Getting to those quantum computers hidden inside The Jungle club won't be easy, it's defended by Yakuza thugs and robot drones. So hit them hard and fast and pray that your getaway truck is faster than the biker gang pursuit.
Come get some at;
Thanks to Shep, Verminking, Permes, Glennwilliams, and Coyotepunc from the Cardboard warriors Forum!
Edit: Small amendment to the Cyberpunk Forces Horde as I had left out more cyberbikes. Sorry Coyotepunc! The files have been added and updated.

Cybertrucks & Dinosaurs

Take your Cybertruck on an adventure to the Lost World with these Cybertrucks and Dinosaurs from Verminking!
The preview image work continues in the Blackcat13 gallery with the addition of pictures for the Tillman Brothers Warehouse and the Liquor Store. There are still quite a few uploads in this section that could use a preview pic so you still have a chance at having your build immortalized on the internet. :)