2016 Papercuts Finalists and Best in Show!

Best in Show voting

The 2016 Papercuts Finalists are in!

Best Single Figure Design; Ancient Red Dragon - by Printableheroes
2nd place; Eternal Minotaur - by 8rad

Best Multi-Figure Design; Wytch Elves - by Aaron
2nd place; Jungle Fighters - by Brave Adventures

Best Model design; The Tournament - by Soaringraven
2nd place; More Stones! - by Squirmydad
3rd place; Hang Gliding Sherlock Holmes - by Cowboyleland

Best Tileset of 2016; Tile Set 2 - City Streets Preview - by Mproteau
2nd place; The Tournament Grounds Tile Set - by Soaringraven

Best Papercraft in Action build; Good things... - by Soaringraven
2nd place; A Tragedy of the Commons: The Six Towers - by OldschoolDM

Best Kit-Bashers in Action build; Mos Eisley Cantina - by Vermin King
2nd place; Black Stag Tavern - by Soaringraven

Thanks all for playing and voting! The first place winners of each category will now go on to the “Best in Show!” category for final voting.

Remember; everyone who entered now has $6 store credit waiting for them at www.braveadventures.com so be sure to register at their online store to pick up some of their paper miniature goodness!

A small personal note; I like entering the Papercuts competition, but as the Showcase manager I’m not really supposed to win. So I am conceding my 2nd place win in the Models category to Cowboyleland and his Hang-Gliding Sherlock Holmes entry!

Be sure to vote for Best in Show!
 Best in Show voting

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