Goblinoids & Senshi-Con

This week sees the re-release of the Orcs, Goblins, Cave Trolls, and Goblinoid Monsters sets. Everything you need to harass, combat, and consume beginning to mid-level characters. They also function great as small warbands for skirmish gaming.

Only one week left to finish your entries for the Halloween Wars Forum Hoard!
Halloween Wars Forum Hoard
Seriously, get 'em in, it's fun. :)

Next week Mayhem in Paper and One Monk Miniatures will be at Senshi-Con in Anchorage, Alaska. Look for my display in the Artist's Alley section of the Egan Center where pre-printed copies of the entire inventory will be for sale.

October will be Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Madness in the Dystopian Future Wastelands for Forum Hoard #109 at Cardboard Warriors. Didn't finish your Halloween idea? Add a tentacle and a third eye and Bob's your uncle! ;)