Townsfolk and Convention reflections

With Halloween approaching it's time to start rolling out some appropriate undead sets and potential victims for the otherworldly spirits. This week sees the re-release of the Grave Robbers, Gargoyles & Gravestones, and both Male and Female Tavern Patrons sets. As always, these fine paper miniature sets are available from One Book Shelf - Mayhem in Paper

Work and re-work continues on the main One Monk site, feel free to post observations and requests in this thread at the Cardboard warriors Forum - One Monk site progress

The Halloween Forum Hoard ends tomorrow morning! If you are making something for this Hoard get it posted tonight! Forum Hoard #108

This last weekend I set up a sales booth at the Senshi-Con Anime convention to sell One Monk and Mayhem in Paper models and miniatures. It was great fun but I lost money on the event, but it wasn't a gaming convention and I wasn't selling anything anime related so I'm not really surprised. There was a lot of positive feedback though and the convention as a whole was great fun. I'll be posting a 'What I Learned at Senshi-Con" post later this week when I'm not so tired.



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