Splinterwood Qellduvinen and Dryads are released!

Pigmi Games presents the Splinterwood Dryads in four colors and three sizes!

Though Dryas is still among the Elves and can be called upon in times of Great need, it is Qellduvinen that is the matron of Dryads, or daughters of Drayas. She is the eldest among them that still communes with the Elves and her desires still lay with the moving things of the world. She has seen many of her sisters and daughters taste from the bittersweet cup of love and seen many still that were lost to it disappearing back into the forest when their lovers had gone the way of all living things. Though she has only had one lover, her heart remains open and the idea of taking a new one isn't completely out of the question.

Miniatures designed for use and compatability at 30mm scale, printable bases are included.

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