Painting 15mm Bug Hunt figures

I really need to work on my painting skills. These are turning out worse than I had hoped, but I have to have them done in the next couple days. Oh, well, live and learn. I have a bunch of fantasy 15mm figures to paint as well, and will use what I have learned on those. In short, the color/wash/drybrush/highlight method I used to use on 28mm figures just doesn't work as well at this scale. I'm thinking I need to go with a more direct color application, like the three stage foundry method, I'm not sure.

I should note that these are in progress. The human guys have a way to go, and I'm sure the space demons will look better once the bases are finished. The bases are going to be flocked with sand, then colored grey like ash, and some yellow rusty spots. They look better in the smaller pic than the larger one.

This is my current project to finish, and I should be done in two days. Then onto getting my Troll sculpting up to date on the sculpt-along...


  1. Jim, forget about base/color/wash/higlight, go black

    Black base and then build the layer colours from it going lighter and lighter.

    When you are finished use a 4.0 pencil and pass a LIIIIIIIIGHT line of pure white on the edges.

    This was my latest stage of evolution in miniature painting and after I mastered that I had to find a rational explanation for not doing so from the beginning.

    I suggest you to use Vinilic colors like the Vallejo ( ) they'll do finely over black

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give the layered style a try, I have the foundry book ,so I am quite familuar with the method, I'll just have to see how FAST I can be with it.

    I have done some figures with the dip method, or at least a total wash over a basic block colored figure, and it turned out nice. I didn't think that 15mm would work well for this.

    I still think 15mm is too smal for the layered technique as well, there are some tiny details on those things, although I know the final result would look awesome!