Forum Hoard #172 - Hoard of the Procrastinators!

Thrill to the adventures of Lieutenant Flat Dan and his trusty sidekick Skelly as they rescue the sacrificial maidens from the monstrous cult that lurks in the Temple of Isis!
Better than later never, it's the Hoard of the Procrastinators!

Forum Horde #171 - Christmas Wars 2018!

It's Christmas and Santa's got a brand new bag!
Or atomic powered sleigh to chase those pesky reindeer with. :D Get yours at;

Forum Horde #106 - September 2013....finally

Only five and half years late to the battlefield, it's Forum Horde #106 Real World Armies! Since the only entry for this lost Horde is my Urutu I decided to create some variety and there are nine different color variations plus three with Iraq, Brazil, and UN markings.