Forum Hoard #176 - Temple of the Gods!

April was "Playset Building Month", or PlaSeBuilMo and the industrious Shep has provided us with the "Temple of the Gods"! Which Gods you ask? All the Gods! Have fun and be sure to tip your craftsman. :)

Forum Hoard #175 - Off the Map

The March Forum Hoard, "Off the Map" is now available on the site! This Hoard provides nine motorcycles in a variety of color schemes. Designed by Coyotepunc with additional color mods by VerminKing and Squirmydad. Enjoy!

FH#174 - The Circus comes to Silver Springs!

Come one! Come all! The circus has arrived!
Thanks to Vermin King the Circus hasn't just come to Silver Springs but to the homes of boys and girls everywhere in the world! Be sure to click on all three images on the downloads page to get all of the models and miniatures. The Bestiary! The Wagons! And the Big Top!