Day of sales!

Starting today it's 30% off on everything from Mayhem in Paper and One Monk Miniatures for thirty days. Thanks all. :)

Don't forget that today is also the day that if you make a purchase from Okumarts, Fat Dragon, or Finger & Toe their sales will be helping me.
Thank you to everyone for your great generosity, I am somewhat humbled by it. 

More wonderful contributors!

More wonderful publisher friends have decided to help my situation; Fat Dragon Games, Okumarts Games, and Finger & Toe Models are all doing sunday donation sales for the replacement laptop fund on March 29th. Pigmi Games is also working up a unit of giant toad-riding goblins to contribute to the cause and I'm placing the entire line of Mayhem in Paper/One Monk Miniatures products on sale for 30% of from March 29th to April 29th.

Ways to help replace a laptop 
I've started a gofundme campaign to try and raise funds to replace the laptop.

Don't want to send money? No problem! Both Okumarts and fat Dragon Games are doing special sales next sunday March 29th with the proceeds going towards a replacement laptop. I'll also be running a 30% off sale for 30 days starting next sunday the 29th of March on the entire line of Mayhem in Paper and One Monk Miniature products. That way you'll recieve something for your money instead of just my gratitude. All help is appreciated