Ebbles, TOPO, and Pacetti Cyber Mages

More from the lost era of Ebbles miniatures; a modified Jackrabbit buggy and TOPO's UCM infantry. Bonus codger points if you know what UCM stands for. :) Also, David Dewitt is sharing his Cyber Mages set that he commissioned from the fabulous Sarah Pacetti with cut-files from Paper Realms. Get them here;

Paper Realms has made hundreds of cut-files for all manner of sets check them out here;

Greek Galleys and Terra Force mods galore!

It's Greek Galleys and Terra Force mods galore!
Thanks to Floydski, Vodswyld, Dragonwing, Topo, and Hackbarth for the Terra Force mods. Shadowolf made an impressive Greek Galley for the MMIP Fantasy Naval which was then enlarged and added on to by Cowboyleland and Afet with cut-files from OldschoolDM.
Get them all here;

Amazons of the Forbidden Planet vs the Starfleet zombies

The crew of Forbidden Planet must protect the alien civilians from the Starfleet zombies!
And The Motion Picture crew stands ready to assist.
And some Amazons mods by Coyotepunc. :)