Monolithis stones uploaded

Once upon a time I wanted to make a bunch of stone obelisks and platform blocks that would be reminiscent of a ruined city. Then for some reason I forgot to upload my work, seven years ago...Anyways, it's here now;

Monster Manual Monsters - Forum Horde #137

And Team Cardboard starts off 2016 with a bang as the Monster Manual Monsters Horde are unleashed!
Thanks to the new Horde management team of MProteau and Vermin King. :)

Roleplayers Without Borders Refugee Charity Bundle 2016

Seven great print and play publishers have come together to offer a bundle deal worth over $110 for only $20! All the funds will go to the CARE organization to aid the Syrian refugees who are immigrating to Canada. Best of all, the Canadian government will be matching the funds donated to CARE so that $20 purchase actually becomes a $40 donation!
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