The Empire shall be reborn!

Campaign update: I've recovered from being speechless at the incredible generosity of this community. :D
With all of the funds that were raised due to donations and my sales I was able to purchase a new Macbook Pro, it's a pretty nifty workhorse. However, the massive changes in OS means that none of my old programs work on it. Boo! Fortunately, during that first week of despair I purchased a ten-year-old surplus iMac* and updated the heck out of it. Unfortunately, there's only so far you can go with a 32 bit first generation pentium iMac; it runs my old powerpc apps but not my newer web design app, but that one runs on the machine, yay! Since I got the new machine I've been learning how everything works and teaching myself how to use replacement apps and creating new mental workflows and rhythms. I looked at how Photoshop works now, and when I got done laughing, (a monthly subscription? Hah!) I downloaded Gimp and purchased Pixelmator from the App store. Both are quite good replacements for Photoshop and the prices are nice; free and cheap.
Now that I'm getting handle on the new setup I'm returning to work on the Desert Legion Outpost freebie, I should have a test model available in a week. My plans after that are to finish my fold-flat staircase model for oldschooldm's project and then get some Hordes uploaded to as I'm running behind in that area.
Thanks again to everyone!

Much love,

Victory is within our grasp!

Between GoFundMe, my sales, and the donations from the papermodel publishers from their weekend sales I'll be replacing my machine! I have been overwhelmed this past week, not just with the donations, which are great and helped me achieve this goal, but with all of the wonderful and encouraging things that people have said to me and about me. Thank you doesn't feel big enough for the depth of gratitude I'm feeling right now.

Don't send any more money! I'm good. I'm great.
Love to all of you. :D

Day of sales!

Starting today it's 30% off on everything from Mayhem in Paper and One Monk Miniatures for thirty days. Thanks all.

Don't forget that today is also the day that if you make a purchase from Okumarts, Fat Dragon, or Finger & Toe their sales will be helping me.
Thank you to everyone for your great generosity, I am somewhat humbled by it.