FH#174 - The Circus comes to Silver Springs!

Come one! Come all! The circus has arrived!
Thanks to Vermin King the Circus hasn't just come to Silver Springs but to the homes of boys and girls everywhere in the world! Be sure to click on all three images on the downloads page to get all of the models and miniatures. The Bestiary! The Wagons! And the Big Top!

Battlecars #3! Call for submissions

Back in 2008 Jim Hartman was creating a series of Battlecar models, the first two kits are here;

When I acquired all of his files five years ago I came across a prototype for the third version...and then forgot about it. Recently I spent a week in the hospital and I remembered this old project, which I've now cleaned up and released. The second link is for the blank version of the model so that people can make their own color versions, which I'd be happy to collect and host.

The first two kits were themed around corporate sponsorships for their color schemes. What I'd really like to see is a collection of Battlecars themed around Paper Model creators. Have fun with these and please post your designs. :)


Forum Hoard #172 - Hoard of the Procrastinators!

Thrill to the adventures of Lieutenant Flat Dan and his trusty sidekick Skelly as they rescue the sacrificial maidens from the monstrous cult that lurks in the Temple of Isis!
Better than later never, it's the Hoard of the Procrastinators!