Cardboard Warriors Member Ranks & Titles

Greetings Cardboard Warriors!
I am currently revising some aspects of the membership and group system and in looking at the post rank titles I believe they are a bit too churchy. This forum was originally founded by OneMonk so he gave the member ranks monastic order titles. I'd like your help to change that.

The current titles and ranks are as follows;
Initiate = 0 posts (someone who just signed up for the free donuts)
Novice = 1 post (someone who said thanks for the free donuts)
Adept = 10 posts
Brother = 25 posts
Friar = 50 posts
Monk = 100 posts
Abbot = 500 posts
Bishop = 1,000 posts
Archbishop = 5,000 posts
Cardinal = 10,000 posts
Overlord = 20,000 posts

The post count numbers are not up for debate, but I do want to change the titles to something more reflective of the forum's interests.
Submit your ideas and I'll build a poll for the membership to choose the new rankings.
[b]Please note; you will need to be at least of Novice level to vote in the upcoming poll. If you disagree with this please post about it so we can start a discussion.[/b]

Why does this matter? Several reasons, primarily because there is a difference between "membership" and "community". Also if you are not of at least Adept (10 posts) level you will not be able to vote in future Papercuts Showcases.

Members who are in the Illuminated Scribe or Publisher Groups will be able to vote. How do you become a member of the Illuminated Scribe group? Submit an entry to a monthly Forum Hoard, or to the annual Papercuts Showcase, or upload a papermodel or papermini project anywhere in the forum at any time of the year.

Go to this thread to discuss;

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