488 Views on July 23rd!

Wow! What was so special about last Saturday? I am impressed, thankful, and confused by the number as it is about 5x the number of subscribers that this blog has. I realize that I mainly use this blog as a bullhorn for announcements of events and releases from my shop and the Cardboard Warriors forum, I suppose I could also use it to promote other publishers or use it as a development blog with project teasers. What should be in this blog? I rarely get any comments on this blog, so the first person to reply to this gets a free set of their choice from Mayhem in Paper. :D


  1. Can't believe no-one has commented on this yet Eric!!! lol! I saw it yesterday but thought would let someone else get in first!!

    From my point of view, the Cardboard Warriors forum is my first point of call for any paper mini-related news, but I do go elsewhere - my tumblr feed and google are the main ones. So if this blog was to carry news about other publishers (amateur and professional) then that would make it even handier than it is now. Obviously I am glad to see the announcements turning up regarding your stuff - and I definitely you should include more "coming soon" or WIP posts. Even if it is just random ideas you have had that may never see the light of day.

    From a business point of view (I used to advise small businesses on internet and social media strategy...) having new content in here on a regular basis can only help to increase the footfall on your site. And hopefully generate a few more sales. Set yourself up on Drivethrurpg's affiliate programme so that you can get a cut of any sales for other publishers which are directed from here. You put a lot in - in terms of the stuff you produce as well as hosting Cardboard Warriors and the Papercuts etc. - you deserve to get something coming back.

    So in short, my suggestions:

    Keep posting about any new releases and updates to already released sets.

    Post more abut what you plan to do, anything you have as work in progress etc.

    Post news regarding other publisher's releases.

    Post any other news about the Cardboard minis "industry" - like the article which recently appeared etc.

    Hope that gives you something to think about?

    1. Tons to think about, thanks. I'm always dubious about posting work in progress shots and thoughts, because I don't always my projects and I hat getting peoples hopes up for something that may or may not exist. I still shudder at the thought of WWG's "soon" announcements. However, if I post the in-progress projects thoughts and pics maybe that will help me to finish them. Hmm, I'm sure I can find a balance in there.

      It just occurred to me that even if I am unable to finish my projects it's possible that they'll inspire someone else to finish theirs. That's good too.

      I love promoting new publishers so that's definitely something I can start putting in here.

      Thanks Mike. :)

  2. I don't know why my last post did not go through. :(

    1. Because I didn't realize I had comment moderation turned on, oops. You still get to pick a kit though! :D

  3. i myself have recently been frequenting the forums.. so many talented folks.. and it was through here i had found RPGNow and supported the artists with some purchases. i hope my purchases encouraged the artists to continue their works.
    this site itself along with its free contributions. allowed me to find something new to do with my kids. they themselves find it entertaining not only spending time with 'Dad' but cutting out, assembling pieces together and creating imaginary worlds to play within.. thank all you guys very very much. (and yes site creator... you are in there as well)

    1. Your welcome! I always love to hear about families playing and crafting together. i used to come home from work and find sweeping battle scenes in the play room as my children would get out all of my papermodels and minis to play with. :)

  4. This has been a test of the free content giveaway system, thank you for participating. :)
    If you would all be so kind as to send me the email addy that you use at One Book Shelf and tell me which kit you'd like to receive.


    Thanks again for playing. :)