The Empire shall be reborn!

Campaign update: I've recovered from being speechless at the incredible generosity of this community. :D
With all of the funds that were raised due to donations and my sales I was able to purchase a new Macbook Pro, it's a pretty nifty workhorse. However, the massive changes in OS means that none of my old programs work on it. Boo! Fortunately, during that first week of despair I purchased a ten-year-old surplus iMac* and updated the heck out of it. Unfortunately, there's only so far you can go with a 32 bit first generation pentium iMac; it runs my old powerpc apps but not my newer web design app, but that one runs on the machine, yay! Since I got the new machine I've been learning how everything works and teaching myself how to use replacement apps and creating new mental workflows and rhythms. I looked at how Photoshop works now, and when I got done laughing, (a monthly subscription? Hah!) I downloaded Gimp and purchased Pixelmator from the App store. Both are quite good replacements for Photoshop and the prices are nice; free and cheap.
Now that I'm getting handle on the new setup I'm returning to work on the Desert Legion Outpost freebie, I should have a test model available in a week. My plans after that are to finish my fold-flat staircase model for oldschooldm's project and then get some Hordes uploaded to as I'm running behind in that area.
Thanks again to everyone!

Much love,

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