Website stable but laptop dead

TLDR version;
My Macbook Pro died a horrible unexpected death last monday and I no longer have a functional work machine for projects nor do I have the funds to replace it.

The more wordy version;
After some creative work I was able to extract all of the important bits and tuck them away on my backup drive, so everything is intact, just mostly inaccessible right now. I can't buy a new machine for quite some time as my bank accounts are empty due to losing an insurance appeal when my insurance company refused to pay for one of my daughters therapies. I have an old iMac (1st generation pentium) that I'm trying to work with, but it's extremely clunky and it's OS won't run the new web design app I just recently purchased to restore There's been a slew of other really stupid and expensive incidents this week but those are the main ones.

I can't update the site, I can't update the forum banner, and I don't know if I can finish any of the projects I've been working on.

I've been pretty down this week as things just kept getting worse, but at the end of it I remind myself that I still have job, a house, and most of my health.

The forum has able moderators so that house is in good hands.
The Papercuts showcase will happen in August.
The forum hoards will totter along I'm sure, I just won't be able to do the layouts and uploads for some time.

Take care all,

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