Splinterwood Elven Archers released!

Pigmi Games has released the Splinterwood Elven Archers; http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/132218/Splinterwood-Elven-Archers

One of the most deadly predators of the Splinterwoods is the Splinter Archer. A sisterhood bent on protecting the Splinterwoods. Young elf maidens are inducted as soon as they show any skill with the bow. Once they are inducted they are Splinter Archers for life and will proudly brandish the Charin bows made from the twisted branches of the Charin tree, the strongest wood in the known world.
The Splinter Archers are known to hunt their prey relentlessly and have even been known to leave the Splinterwoods in the heat of the chase. Splinter Archers have been seen as far away as Kelthose and even on ships sailing for other continents. Once the Splinter Archers have your scent nothing will stop them from making the kill.

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