Splinterwood: Kl'Cari Cavalry

Mayhem in Paper is pleased to present the first of many paper-model offerings from Pigmi Games!

From the description; Pigmi Games presents their first set of five hand-drawn original paper miniatures suitable for any fantasy rpg or skirmish gaming table!

The Splinterwood Kl'cari have developed an almost Amazonian quality to them taking on many distinguishing traits; such as the females growing antlers. Unlike many Cervus they don't shed them at any time. The antlers will keep growing as time goes on and the Kl'cari are actually quite proud of them.
This difference in breeding also gives way to a more fierce nature rather than a sexual one. It is this fierceness that the Splinterwood elves have come to rely on. In fact, the Splinterwood elves have integrated the Kl'cari so deeply into their society that it is not uncommon to find them in every part of the elven social structure.

Get them here; Kl'Cari cavalry

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