Congratulations to the 2013 Papercraft winners!

And that's it for the Papercuts 2013 Showcase, voting is closed!

The winners are (1st & 2nd);
Single Figure: A Fashionable Adventuress by madarchitect, 
and Dwarf Warrior by Reivaj $20

Multi-Figure: Adventurers-Elves by Reivaj 
and Medieval Cannon Crew by madarchitect

Models: Abigor + Grimm by Spaceranger42

Diorama: The Warehouse Near [REDACTED] by dcbradshaw
and Picnic Adventures! by WackyAnne

Best in Show: A Fashionable Adventuress by madarchitect

Congratulations on a great turnout this year folks in both entries and in voting. :)

   September is also the Halloween Wars Forum Hoard so pop in and make a scary mini or two.


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