Forum Hoard 88

Merry Christmas everyone! Just in case you are too sickened by all the holiday cheer, we have just the thing. Introducing the Forum Hoard Holiday collection: Christmas with an un-merry twist! This is the 88th Forum Hoard and it is a dandy. Gifts with their own surprise fangs, a whole gingerbread man army, goblins masquerading as Santa's helpers, Frosty the Snowman's evil twin, Christmas trees that are fighting back, a giant robot that's ready to 'play', and a Santa who would rather take the children then give them toys. Ahhh, Christmas the way I always remembered...

Thanks to everyone who contributed and a special thank you to Sirrob01 for compiling this truly unique collection. Be sure to pick it up FREE on the Onemonk website.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, my name is José, i have 29 years old and i'm from Brazil. First, congratulations and thanks for your good work. Simple but beauty and well-maded designs, and better, totally free. That you continue designing to One Monk site and it growns more, and i hope for new miniatures anxiously. Talking about this, i have a hint for your next paper minis. Correlated with European medieval fantasy themes, there is the Renaissance theme, with court nobles, musqueteers, pirates and New World explorers, and natives and slaves too. Specialy focusing the New World theme, there is in Brazil a RPG named “O Desafio dos Bandeirantes” (“The Chalenge of the Explorers”, more or less translated), it’s the first (if not the only one) with Brazilian colonial theme, with Old World explorers, mysterious shaman indians, and African slaves masters of Capoeira and Umbanda and Voodoo sorcery, between another things. How you see, i love this game. Me and a small but faithful legion. But unfortunately, there’s no minis for playing DdB, nor metal or paper, and how say Leia, you’re my only hope. Another interesting themes is oriental fantasy, with monks, samurais , ninjas and another oriental fighters. You can make me very, very happy if you designing something of this tipe, further grown the number of themes optitions of minis for One Monk. At last, sorry for my “the book is on the table” English, it’s very bad, i know. Thanks for your atention.