44 new sets uploaded from Dryw the Harper!

I have created a new page in the Forum Hoard for Dryw the Harpers fantastic figure sets. All 44 sets are now available to download now!

Other updates include the GSD files for the Undead Horrors, and the new Wraithlords figure sets. Follow the links to get them.

In other news, the revised Chimera Hybrid army is coming along nicely. I'll have some mock-up models to show by the end of the week.

The May Forum HOARD is now underway. The unofficial theme this month is ARTILLERY. I'm hoping to see some cool fantasy and sci-fi warmachines and artillery models. I know I'm going to make an Elf Multi-bolt thrower for my Elf army.

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  1. These look great. However, the Barbarian download button downloads the Angry Mob instead of the barbarians. Would it be possible to fix this?