Fantasy Army blister previews finished

The blister preview images for the Fantasy Army figure sets are done. Tomorrow I'll finish the Sci-fi Adventure. The goal is to have everything ready for release at RPGnow this weekend.

Along with this relaunch into RPGnow, I'll be resetting prices for ALL my figures sets to $1 per set permanently. I have found that from my blowout sale at the end of the year ,and this last webs store promotion, that EVERYONE like the $1 price. I have made more money selling at the $1 price than with the higher prices! I think this price will make buying the sets a great value, and make it easy to attract more people into my style of figures.

With this new price in mind, I may hold off on some releases until I have a few sets to release at the same time. The fees applied to $1 sales is huge, and if I can get slightly larger purchase sizes like $4+, then the fees balance out.

This nice low price should also make it easier for me to establish myself in other vendors as well. I will be looking for ways to shorten the time it takes me to design a set of figures without sacrificing the quality and detail of the figures. I really want to design a bunch of figure sets ,if only so I can complete some ranges and move on to even more and cooler figure series and armies.


  1. Boy Jim that seems like a real (and perceivable) price under cut. Why not $1.99? I'd hate for the perceived value of the product (and all paper model related products) be diminshed by the ultra low price.

    Personally, I would thing $4.00 would be the standard price. Competing figures sell for around this price and do not have back sides, or have mirrored reverse sides. Yours are closer to paper miniatures than paper standees. For a buck, you might as well not even bother with the backside...I cannot see how the amount of work vs. price would balance out.

    Just my buck-thrity...


  2. Beautiful packaging BTW. I think that branding your figures more as miniature paper figures than as paper standees/stand-ins or figure flats is an important differentiation.

  3. I would also caution you against selling your minis for $1 a set. While the market for paper minis is a growing one, it is still a niche market in the gaming community. The obvious math is that you'll need to sell 3-4 times as many sets to produce the same amount of revenue. I love your stuff so much that I want to make sure it remains worth your time and energy so you don't stop producing more. Even $2 a set is a deal for the quality stuff you produce.

  4. I thught $1 a set would be too low as well, but they sell well incredibly well at this price, and I can sell 5x or more at this price and end up making more, especially with a large back catelog of figures.

    Also ,and most importantly this price allows me to to do just 1 page of figures, instead of trying to fit 8-10 figures with each release. I want to do as small a release as possible, so I can get through them quicker, and have les an opportunity to get burned out. The sets as is will be an incredible value for the money, but only because they are multi-page sets. Once I start doing just one page, this will go won, and I'll be doing more alternate color sets which will give the sets more value for me, and at a buck a set ,will make them worth while to everyone else.

    I have tried all sorts of price levels, but $1 seems to have hit the right nerve. It really does make the sets a no brainer to get ,and once you et ito it, it's easy to buy more at a buck a set. This will really help breaking in to new vendors as well. Typically I don't sell crap anywhere else beside RPGnow and my site now, but the low price will really entice people to buy them, and once you invest in some of my sets ,most people end up wanting them all. A win, win I would think.

    This also fits in with my goal of firmly keeping this a hobby thing. My goal is not to make a living off this stuff ,but for some extra side money for toys, travel, and some later years retirement security.

    I'll try it for 2010, I can always raise prices in a year if my plan doesn't pan out.

  5. Gotcha. I just didn't want you to undervalue your stuff. I'm really looking forward to new sets.

  6. A buck per page sounds reasonable; so Dungeon Monsters oughta be $2 right? Most folks would buy both anyway, right?

  7. The single page figure set is just a target. I'm sure I'll have many figure and vehicle sets with more pages. Each set will be $1 regardless.

    I really think the $1 price will attract a lot of new gamers.